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“Fern Flower Lab” is a new generation high-technology research laboratory that understands business at the bottom line.

We have chosen a strategic model combining the best of software engineering, data processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence skills to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients.

Business focusing

  • User-friendly relationship driven partnership model
  • Easy to use high-performance alternative to domestic consulting companies.
  • Fast execution and knowledge transfer, high quality
  • Deep technology expertise across a wide range of competencies


We are the team of talented high-skilled engineers from across the globe with deep experience in data science, high-performance computing, distributed systems and cloud solutions. As an independent consultants and business partners, we assist in business development, information management and digital transformation for different companies.

We do our best to analyse the entire business, to audit existing processes, to couch customer's crew and to build cost-effective IT solutions.

Flexible cooperation

We offer on-shore and off-shore development, research and consultancy services. We are open for wide range of cooperation models which will suit best for the customer's business needs and requirements.

Our own products are always available for fast, flexible and comfortable tweaking of existing business processes. We are ready to grow with you as your needs evolve.


According to the myth, this flower blooms for a very short time on the eve of the summer solstice. The flower brings fortune to the person who finds it. In various versions of the tale, the fern flower brings luck, wealth, or the ability to understand animal speech. However, the flower is closely guarded by evil spirits and anyone who finds the flower will have access to earthly riches, which have never benefited anyone, so the decision to pick the flower or leave it alone is left up to the individual.

We are here to transform the business world towards effective technologies and successful solutions.



Digital Transformation

Warehousing digitisation

Logistics digitisation

Payment Solutions & Digital Wallets

Transactions Processing

Risc Control & Fraud Detection

R & D

Bigdata Processing

Python, Clojure, Java, Graph

Blockchain Solutions

C, C++, Rust, DBs

IoT & Automation

MQTT, AMQP, P2P, Orchestration

Smart systems

IMDG, SON, Smart Contracts

Cloud & Edge computing

Grid Computing, Lambdas, Micro-services

High-Performance computing

SLURM, MPI, OFED, Virtualization



Products for end customers are managed by our EU team UPD Consulting Ltd.


DKD is the cloud platform for processing poorly predictable data by non-uniform logical-driven applications.

Initially built for an inhouse project of processing BigData using a documentary contracts and smart bidirectional indexes. Nowadays, the platform is massively used for task management, financial and logistical data processing by different companies and institutions.


DKDHUB is a permanent field of the persistently available code. It is like a marketplace, but for applications where every application is a monomorphic code or group.

To get access, please go to the DKDHUB's main gateway.


Copper Mountain is a cloud computing environment for complex data processing.

This is the ground of the DKD

Our memberships

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