“Fern Flower Lab” is new generation software company - high technology research laboratory, that understands business at the bottom line.

We have chosen a strategic model combining the best of software engineering, data processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence skills to deliver high quality solutions to our clients.

Business focusing

  • User-friendly relationship driven partnership model
  • Easy to use high performance alternative to domestic consulting companies.
  • Fast execution and knowledge transfer, high quality
  • Deep technology expertise across a wide range of competencies


We have a large pool of HPC and Cloud Computing specialists, data scientists, architects and experienced software engineers coming from different backgrounds.

Whether you need one top notch technical specialist or a team with diverse skill sets to extend your own internal resources, we can meet these needs quickly and affordably - our goal is to become your long term and trusted custom software development partner.

Flexible cooperation

Our teams become an extension of your own in-house IT team, dedicated to meeting your software development needs today and growing with you as your needs evolve.

We are flexible in establishing long-term collaboration with our customers and we are seeking to create a cooperation model which will suit best for the customer's business needs.


According to the myth, this flower blooms for a very short time on the eve of the summer solstice. The flower brings fortune to the person who finds it. In various versions of the tale, the fern flower brings luck, wealth, or the ability to understand animal speech. However, the flower is closely guarded by evil spirits and anyone who finds the flower will have access to earthly riches, which have never benefited anyone, so the decision to pick the flower or leave it alone is left up to the individual.

We offer full-cycle custom software solutions, business analytics, offshore research, software development and related services as a form and tools of turning a product idea into reality, including architecture creation, prototyping and configuration, information technology consulting as well as quality assurance and testing services.

In-House Projects


DKD is a cloud platform for processing heterogeneous data by non-uniform applications.

The platform actually provides abilities to process data streams, different tools for data mining, prepared development environment for distributed systems, ability to process complex events and to work with massive data in real-time and much more...


DKDHUB is a permanent field of the persistently available code. It is like a market place, but for applications where every application is a monomorphic code or group.

Both are managed by our European branch UPD Consulting Ltd.

To get an access please follow DKDHUB's main gateway.